Smart Orders

Go to Windows Menu->Orders   to open the following window for placing and managing orders.

Spark - Order Window

By Default, the 「Simulate ONLY」 check box is checked so your orders are ONLY simulated.

Uncheck it for placing real orders and the background changes color to Green.

Orders -Real Live

NOTE:  Spark does not prompt you for CONFIRMATION before actually placing your order. Be careful!!


If you change the Buy/Sell direction, the whole screen font changes color to Red.   So, Blue is for Buy orders and Red is for Sell Orders for clarity.

Real Live Sell Orders


Stop Loss Orders

Click on the tabs to change the order type, and the relevant fields will appear.

Real Stop Loss Sell Orders


Click on the following for specific Smart Order functions

Auto Cancel Order After certain minutes

Auto Improve Order Price Gradually

Auto Adjust Options Price as Underlying Product Changes Prices

Auto Hedge On Filling Orders

You can see our demo videos on this youtube channel 
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