Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) and Real-Time Data  (RTD) utilities

We specialize in utilities software for Microsoft’s DDE and RTD standards.  DDE is a traditional technology/standard  that allows a program to feed other programs with real time changing data e.g. stock prices, machine production statuses, Medical services, scientific data servers, temperature, meter readings.  A common application is using excel as a DDE client to connect to real time stock prices DDE servers.  The real time data in excel are normally further processed using formulae to produce custom figures or used to plot real time charts.  RTD is a similar technology to DDE but uses a more modern and efficient approach.

Our utilities software makes these 2 standards more useful and efficient for you.

For Real-time HK Futures/Options Prices streaming into Excel, click here.

In another example, our Internet DDE Sharing software allows the DDE Client (e.g., Excel) to be running on a PC in another country away from the DDE Server, only connected by internet.

You might have heard of Microsoft’s NETDDE approach but that requires administrative rights to assign ShareNames and it also only runs on Local Network.  Since EXCEL can be both a DDE server and a DDE Client, you can use our software to broadcast an Excel spreadsheet (acting as DDE Server) across the internet to other Excel spreadsheets (as DDE Clients). Any change in the source spreadsheet will be broadcast to all spreadsheet subscribed to this spreadsheet.