DDE Sharing over Internet

Share DDE over Internet

There are two programs in this software : DDE Sharer.exe and DDE Sharee.exe

You run the DDE Sharer program at the computer running the DDE Server (e.g.  any real time data DDE Server). Make sure this computer is connected to the Internet and port 8010 is open.  If this computer is behind a firewall or router, set up the router to redirect incoming internet data arriving at the router to this computer for port 8010.

Then, for  EACH user who wants to have access to that DDE Server via internet, run the DDE Sharee program at his/her computer while connected to the Internet.  Afterwards, run their usual DDE Clients e.g. Excel to link to the DDE server  embedded in DDE Sharee.exe.  The DDE Sharer and DDE Sharee act as bridges (or Internet Tunnels ) from the end users to the remote DDE Server.  There can be many DDE Sharees running as long as 1 DDE Sharer is running.  Therefore, you can share 1 DDE Server’s data with multiple users over the internet.  No Virtual Private Network (VPN) is required. Just plan internet.

The DDE clients program won’t even know they are not connecting to the real DDE Server. It just think the DDE Server is running on the same computer when, in fact, it is the DDE Sharee program streaming the real time data to the client.

All the data transferred between the DDE Sharer and DDE Sharee programs are compressed and encrypted so the it is fast and safe to share the real time data.

You can see some F.A.Q. on this software here.

See a graphical explanation of how it works here.

The one-off price is only HKD998.  You can download a 1-month FREE TRIAL of this software here

It currently supports Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Excel 2000, 2003 and 2007.


How Does it Work

How to setup DDE Sharer.exe The DDESharer.exe is default to listen on IP (which means all IP addresses of the computer) and at port 8010.  If you want to change that to say at port 8999, you can modify the “DDESharer.ini” and replace the following section with your own IP Address and Port …


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 1) How many users can I share the DDE real time data with? It depends on the power of the computer on which you run the DDE Sharer program.  With a dual-core CPU, I would say several dozens should not be a problem.  The frequency of which the real time data …